The London Measure of Unplanned Pregnancy (LMUP)            

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The LMUP is available here to download.

Licence and permissions

In the spirit of open-access, the LMUP is free to use (there is no licence agreement and no registration or permission is required) but we ask that you cite the main paper of the development and evaluation study (Barrett et al. 2004) and any other appropriate methodological LMUP papers (e.g. evaluations of the LMUP in whatever appropriate context).

Ensuring the LMUP is valid

For anyone who is new to the use of psychometrically-evaluated measures, there is one very important rule that must be followed: essentially the LMUP must be used as it is presented here. It is possible to translate the LMUP into other languages and to make cultural adaptations so the measure is suitable for the new population or country context. The most usual cultural adaptation is to item 6 (pre-conceptual preparations) see the Indian and Malawi translations for examples. When a language or cultural adaptation has been made, it is normal for the psychometric properties of the new version of the LMUP to be established before wider use. (For anyone new to the use of psychometric measures, the US FDA's guidance on patient reported outcome measures is a useful guide to the ‘dos and don'ts’ of measure use. The COSMIN guidelines are also helpful. See Useful links). If you need any help or advice on your use of the LMUP please email us.

The LMUP (Wordperfect file)

The LMUP (Word file)

The LMUP (Pdf file)

Other evaluated versions of the LMUP

Arabic (Saudi Arabia)

Chichewa (Malawi)

Dutch/Flemish (Belgium)

Persian (Iran)

Portuguese (Brazil)

Tamil and Kannada (India)

Urdu (Pakistan)

US English and US Spanish

For the LMUP in other translations, or modes of administration, please go to translations.